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ART 105 – Beginning Drawing Syllabus – Spring 2011

This course is an introduction to principles and techniques in drawing. Students will gain a working knowledge of line, shape, perspective, proportion, volume, and composition. This course will also introduce students to automatic drawing, random compositions, narrative, collaborative and other conceptual drawing techniques.

Grading System
Journal 20%
10 Drawings completed outside of class 30%
25 Drawings from class assignments 35%
Participation – attendance, discussion, critiques 15%

Newsprint pads: 18 x 24
Drawing Paper. Strathmore or better, 18 x 24 min
Journal: notebook or sketchbook
Masking tape or clips
Pen and ink supplies: #8 round brush, non-waterproof ink, quill pen, cold press watercolor paper: 18 x 24 min
Pastels: non-oil soft pastels
Charcoal: assortment of compressed, black pastel sticks or Conte Crayons.
Portfolio Cover: cardboard or plastic case for drawings

The Journal is your individual written responses to Focus Questions, Artists and Journal Assignments presented in class. The journal can be a notebook or sketchbook. Bring it to class each session. Due dates in Class Schedule.

The Portfolio is a collection of your drawings. All work must be signed, dated and cleanly presented. Due at Midterm and Finals. Exact dates in Class Schedule.

Drawings Completed Outside of Class
Ten drawings, completed outside of class, are required. Out of Class Drawings must be representational, on Strathmore or better quality paper, 18 x 24 min

Weekly Artists to Research on Internet
There are links to the weekly artists on the class blog: Write responses to their work in your Journal. Please do not write biographical information or describe their work. Write your personal response. If you like their work, why? If you don’t like it, why not? What do you think when viewing their work?


Week 1: Introduction to Course

Focus Questions: What is a drawing? Why is it useful to learn to draw “realistically”? If everyone draws the same object “realistically”, why are the drawings different?
Artists: Art Crimes, Shazia Sikander

Week 2: Positive and Negative Space

Focus questions: Why are some things considered difficult to draw and other things easy? What do you think is hard to draw? Do you think it is easier to draw from life or memory or imagination? Why?
Artists: Kara Walker, Mark Lombardi
Out of Class Drawing: Negative Space

Week 3: Value and Proportion

Focus questions: How is a drawing different from a photograph? How have imaging devices, like scanners and photographs, impacted drawing?
Artists: O-Matic, Walton Ford
Out of Class Drawing: Still Life
Due: Journals Wed 9 Feb

Week 4: Linear Perspective

Focus Questions: What is the difference between “realistic” drawing and “representational” drawing? What is an “abstract” drawing?
Artists: Josh Dorman, Dawn Clements, Young-Hae Chang
Out of Class Drawing: 1, 2 or 3 point perspective.
Due: Neg Space and Charcoal Still Life for critique Mon 14 Feb

Week 5: Multiple Point Perspective and Foreshortening

Focus Questions: Is realistic drawing important in 2011? Representational drawing? Why or why not?
Artists: Julie Heffernan, John Kindness
Out of Class Drawing:  Multiple Point Perspective + Foreshortening

Week 6: Master Copies

Focus questions: What constitutes plagiarism in art today? Does it matter who created a particular work of art? What is the difference, in your opinion, between plagiarism and sampling? Does the presence of the artist’s hand in a work of art change its value or meaning? Is knowing who created a work of art and why important information to have as a viewer?
Artists:  Critical Art Ensemble, Meridith McNeal
Out of Class Drawing: Copy in pen and ink
Midterm Portfolio Due: Journal, 4 out of class drawings and 10 class drawings due at end of class, Wed 2 March

Week 7: Midterm Critiques
Focus questions: What is a critique? How can a critique be useful? What is the function of art critics?

Week 8: Introduction to Color/Pastels

Focus Questions: Colors have symbolic meanings. Green can mean growth, spring but also “green with envy”. Red can represent passion and love, but also Christian notions of sin, “red light district”. In your journal, write your symbolic impressions of 12 colors.
Artists: Andy Yoder, Ellen Gallagher
Out of Class Drawing: Still Life in Color.

Week 9: The Body in Representation, Figurative Drawing

Focus Questions: How have medical, computer or machine technologies altered our perception of our bodies? How have contemporary artists chosen to express these new representations of the human form? What is the difference between nudity and pornography?
Artists: Irene Hardwicke Olivieri, Oliver Herring
Out of Class Drawing: Yourself – Portrait

Week 10: Figurative Drawing

Focus Questions: Do you think it is important to be able to draw the human figure? Why?
Artists: Faith Wilding, Do-Ho Suh
Out of Class Drawing: Yourself – Full Figure
Due:  Journals, Wed April

Week 11: Introduction to Surrealism

Focus Questions: Is surrealism useful for artists in 2011? Why or why not?
Artists: Hans Bellmer, Eva Hesse, Tyree Guyton
Out of Class Drawing: Free Subject using a Surrealist Technique.
Due:  Out of class drawings since midterm, Mon 11 April.

Week 12: Introduction to Deconstructionism

Journal Assignment: Complete assignment from handout.
Artists: REPO History, Cai Guo-Qiang,
Out of Class Drawing: Recombinant

Week 13: Introduction to Conceptual Art

Focus Questions: What is metamorphosis? Is there anything that is stable in our world? What?
Class Activites and Assignments: Metamorphosis Project

Final Portfolios Due: Journal, 10 out of class and 25 class drawings due at end of class, 27 April

Week 14: Final Class Critiques

9 May:  Portfolio pickup.  Students will be assigned individual meeting times.


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